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Rippled Implants

All breast implants have ripples.  The exception is the highly cohesive, form stable implants, which have less rippling.  In many patients, the implant ripples are not visible or palpable.  If your implant ripples are visible and/or palpable, revision breast surgery may improve this.

What does breast implant rippling look like?

breast implant rippling

Causes of breast implant rippling

Although breast implant rippling can occur any time, you may be at higher risk for breast implant rippling if you:

  • Are thin and have little natural breast tissue
  • Choose subglandular implant placement (above the pectoral muscle) 
  • Choose saline implants instead of silicone

Correction of breast implant rippling

Replacing saline implants with silicone implants or gummy bear implants and changing implant placement from over the pectoral muscle to under the pectoral muscle may help get rid of breast implant ripples.  

In some cases, a skin substitute may be sewn on the inside of the breast pocket to further conceal the implant edges and eliminate the implant wrinkling and palpable edges.

Revision Surgery To Correct Rippled Implants in New York City

New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Tracy Pfeifer specializes in the correction of difficult breast cases and has offices in Manhattan, Great Neck, and the Hamptons.

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