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Revision of Mastopexy Augmentation

Revision of mastopexy augmentation is similar to breast augmentation revision, however it may also include revison of the mastopexy.  As more surgeries are performed, future surgeries inevitably become more complicated and require more surgical skill to perform correctly.  Revision mastpexy/augmentation is a complicated procedure that requires extensive skill and experience.

Why revision mastopexy augmentation is performed

When a breast lift is performed with a breast augmentation, the potential occurrence of  breast implant related problems is a reality.  At any time, any patient who has had a breast lift with implants may experience any of the following complications:

In addition, in some cases the original mastopexy was poorly performed and needs revision.  The patient may have asymmetrical position of the nipple-areola complex, inadequate lift,  and poor shape. Poorly healed mastopexy augmentation scars may also make scar revision necessary after the initial procedure.

Revision surgery after breast lift with implants

Revising an initial breast augmentation procedure that was combined with a breast lift is more difficult than a standard breast augmentation revision because the procedure requires both the removal and replacement of breast implants, as well as the maintenance of breast lift results.  

Thus, it is imperative that you seek a highly experienced New York breast revision surgeon for revision of mastopexy augmentation.

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