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Dynamic Deformity

Also known as the animation deformity, this relatively common condition is characterized by excessive movement of the implant upon contraction of the chest muscles. The dynamic breast deformity is identified by symptoms such as:

  • Excessive movement of the breast implant
  • Distortion of the breast implant


Dynamic breast deformity happens when the breast implant is placed in a submuscular position, but only half of the implant is covered by the pectoralis muscle, so when you flex it pushes down on the implant, causing it to protrude from under the muscle and then return. The deformity typically occurs during exertion of the chest muscles, in activities such as weightlifting (flys or bench press).

Correction of Dynamic Breast Deformity

Correction of the dynamic breast deformity involves covering the implant completely with the pectoralis muscle, effectively containing it in a compartment. This can stop the distortion and movement of the breast implant when the muscle moves.

If you believe that you are affected by dynamic breast deformity, we encourage you to contact Dr. Tracy Pfeifer in New York City to discuss treatment options. During a surgical consultation, you can discuss the possible corrective solutions to this complication. We have offices in Manhattan, Great Neck and the Hamptons. Call 631-653-6112 to schedule an appointment.



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