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Double Bubble

A double bubble deformity can occur for several reasons. They are sometimes associated with high-riding implants.

A double bubble is corrected via breast surgery revision.

Double bubble causes

There are several situations in which we see double bubbles.

In one case, a double bubble deformity occurs when a crease is presnet across the bottom of your breast implant, between the nipple and the inframammary breast fold, and causes the implant to "bubble out" on top and below the crease.  This happens when the inframammary fold is released or partially released during surgery, either deliberately or inadvertently.  The crease that is visible in the skin is actually the inframammary fold.  The implant is sitting partially above the fold and partially below the fold, creating the double bubble.

In other cases, the implant and the breast tissue are not in the same position on the chest wall.  For example, in women with mdoerate to severe sagging of the breasts who desire augmentation, it is usually best best to have a breast lift as well.  The breast lift will reposition the sagging breast to a higher position and remove the excess skin.  Unfortunately, some surgeons and patients choose to use a large implant instead of having a lift.  Some choose a proper size implant but refuse the lift.   In time, and usually very quickly, the natural breast tissue will sag below the bottom of the implant (hang off the implant).  This creates a double bubble, which is also called a Snoopy Deformity.

In another example in which the breast tissue and implant are not in harmony, the cause is the implant sitting too high (high-riding implant).  The breast tissue is properly located and does require a lift, but the implant is sitting too high in relation to the breast tissue. This creates a double bubble.  This is seen in cases where the inframammary fold was not adequately released or not released at all.  Patients with this deformity may have had transaxillary breast augmentation.  It is more difficult for the surgeon to adequately release the inframammary fold in this type of surgery.

To avoid experiencing a double bubble, do not have just breast augmentation alone if you also need a lift.  Have your augmentation surgery with only experienced, Board Certified plastic surgeons.

Correcting a double bubble

A double bubble deformity poses no immediate health risk, so to correct the problem, seek non-emergency breast surgery revision.  Your implants will likely be moved to a subglandular position to correct the double bubble, or a breast lift procedure will be performed and your implants replaced in a submuscular position.

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