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New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Tracy Pfeifer has extensive experience and special expertise in cosmetic surgery of the breast. Along with her other academic achievements in plastic surgery, Dr. Pfeifer completed advanced training in breast surgery as a Fellow at the Institute of Reconstructive Breast Surgery in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Whether you’re interested in a cosmetic or reconstructive breast procedure, you can be confident with Dr. Pfeifer’s expertise and specialized training.

Breast Augmentation

As one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries ever, breast augmentation continues to satisfy women who are dissatisfied with their breast size.  There are many options to consider in breast augmentation, all of which Dr. Pfeifer can explain during an in-depth consultation.  Do you want saline implants or silicone breast implants?  Concerned about breast augmentation scars?  Topics such as these are all covered during the consultation.


Breast Lift and Breast Reduction

Mastopexy and augmentation mastopexy are options for women who have lost that youthful breast position.  There are several different ways to perform these surgeries, but our general goal is to improve breast shape and position, while minimizing visible surgery scars.

Breast reduction is designed to alleviate problems associated with excessively large breasts and improve breast shape.  For women who feel physically and/or psychologically uncomfortable because of their breasts, this surgery can be very beneficial.


Breast Reconstruction & Other Surgeries

Breast reconstruction after a mastectomy is one of the main ways physicians have improved the lives of breast cancer patients.   Dr. Pfeifer can perform this surgery using breast implants or using natural tissue.

Congenital problems related to the breast shape, breast symmetry, or nipple can be bothersome for many women, but few know that surgical correction can help.  Certain procedures offered by Dr. Pfeifer are intended to correct or improve these issues:


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