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Correction of Capsular Contracture

Although there are a few options for non-surgical capsular contracture correction, the most effective means of treating the condition, especially if it is severe, is with capsular contracture surgery.

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Capsular contracture surgery

Capsular contracture surgery usually includes the following procedures:

  • Open capsulectomy – contracted scar tissue is surgically removed
  • Open capsulotomy – contracted scar tissue is not removed but rather scored and separated from the implant

Non-surgical capsular contracture correction

Although surgery is the only treatment for capsular contracture that is tried and true, non-surgical treatments for capsular contracture may include:

  • Closed capsulotomy (intense squeezing to break up the capsule)
  • Regimen of vitamin E and steroid injections (e.g. prednisone)
  • Ultrasound (softening breasts with sound waves)
  • Prescription medications (e.g. Accolate, an anti-inflammatory asthma medication, and Papaverine, a vasodilator and muscle relaxant)

Most non-surgical capsular contracture treatments have not been studied enough to determine their reliability and effectiveness, so they typically are not recommended.

Dr. Tracy Pfeifer is an expert in capsular contracture correction and will typically recommend either open capsulectomy or open capsulotomy to reduce hardness and improve the appearance of breast implants in patients experiencing Grade III or IV capsular contracture.

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