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Capsulectomy or open capsulectomy surgery is the most effective treatment for capsular contracture.  It is more extensive than open capsulotomy surgery; however, it's high success rate makes it the preferred capsular contracture correction method for most patients and surgeons.

Breast capsulectomy

The goal of capsulectomy surgery is to remove all of the contracted scar tissue around your breast implant so that new capsules that are not contracted may form.  After capsulectomy, the newly formed capsules will ideally result in soft, natural-looking breasts.  Typically, a new implant is placed as well.

While most patients will achieve the desired outcome of capsulectomy surgery, as with any other capsular contracture correction procedure, a small portion of patients may experience recurrence of capsular contracture as new scar tissue develops after capsulectomy.

Capsulectomy and capsular contracture recurrence

Exchanging or replacing the previously used breast implants with new breast implants during a capsulectomy may reduce the risk of capsular contracture recurrence by reducing the potential for bacterial contamination.

Additionally, repositioning the implants under the pectoral muscle instead of over it may be recommended during your capsulectomy to lower your risk for capsular contracture recurrence.

You can expect post-operative massage to be an integral part of your capsulectomy recovery, as this will help maintain the space around the implant and prevent, if not at least delay, capsular contracture recurrence.

What to expect during capsulectomy surgery

Capsulectomy surgery is typically performed using either general anesthesia or IV sedation with local anesthesia.  The surgical incisions from your initial breast augmentation are reopened in order to perform your capsulectomy, so new scars will not be created.

Most patients report that recovery after capsulectomy is similar to the initial breast augmentation recovery, however specific post-operative instructions and activity guidelines will be provided for capsulectomy recovery.

During consultation, female plastic surgeon Dr. Tracy Pfeifer will review your medical history, evaluate your initial breast augmentation results and talk with you about capsular contracture treatment options including capsulectomy.

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