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Breast Lift w/ Augmentation

A breast lift with augmentation, otherwise known as augmentation mastopexy, corrects breast sagging and increases breast size in a single surgical procedure or two staged surgical procedures. 

Augmentation mastopexy generally involves the placement of a saline or silicone breast implant in either the submuscular or subglandular position, followed by breast lift surgery using incisions around the nipple or vertically down the breast. 

Who can benefit from augmentation mastopexy?

Women who exhibit a loss or absence of breast volume, along with significant breast sagging will benefit most from augmentation mastopexy.  Here is a very generalized set of rules to explain when the breast lift & augmentation is appropriate:

  • If breast volume and size is sufficient, a breast lift is usually all that is needed. 
  • If breast position is sufficient, but volume and size are lacking, a breast augmentation is needed.
  • When breast size, fullness, and position are all deficient, augmentation mastopexy may be necessary to improve the appearance of the breasts. 

The breast lift

All breast lift surgeries require an incision around the nipple, either partial or circumferential.  A vertical incision is also necessary in many cases, especially when the nipple needs to be elevated.  After the incisions, a certain amount of skin and glandular tissue is removed and sutured to produce a more appealing breast position and shape.

The breast augmentation

Breast implants can be placed in multiple ways.  With all breast implant placement methods, an incision is made that allows Dr. Pfeifer access to the breast, and the implant is centered below the nipple.  In augmentation mastopexy, the periareolar incision (around the nipple) is often used to place the breast implant. 

After breast lift w/ augmentation

Like other cosmetic surgeries of the breast, dressing and tape will cover the incisions after surgery and a special bra will be provided to wear during recovery.  Average recovery time for either procedure is 1-2 weeks, but a longer recovery time may be necessary when they are combined.  A breast lift with augmentation is also thought to have an increased risk of complications, which Dr. Pfeifer can discuss with you during a consultation.

To learn more about combining breast augmentation with a breast lift, contact the Manhattan or Long Island plastic surgery office of Tracy Pfeifer MD. 


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