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Do's and Don'ts of Breast Implants

Many of the complications that can occur after breast augmentation are unpredictable; however, there are a few activities you can do (and a few you can avoid) to prevent the occurrence of some breast implant problems and deformities.


  • Follow all post-operative care instructions
  • Perform breast massage and exercises as directed
  • Wear post-surgical garments, such as support bras, for the recommended duration of recovery
  • Protect your implants from trauma, including punctures and forceful impact and compression
  • Avoid heavy lifting or other vigorous activity for several weeks, especially with submuscular implant placement
  • Ask for help during the first few days of recovery
  • Try to stay relaxed; take your medication according to your schedule so you stay comfortable
  • Your incisions will be covered with tape; leave on until removed by Dr. Pfeifer
  • Sleep on your back after surgery as recommended
  • If you have trouble sleeping, Dr. Pfeifer can prescribe a light sleeping pill to help
  • Get moving with light activity as soon as possible after surgery
  • Wait at least a month before you begin to assess your breast augmentation results
  • Call the doctor if you suspect infection or other breast augmentation complications that may affect your health


  • Ignore post-operative care instructions
  • Skip follow up appointments
  • Smoke or take blood thinners
  • Sleep on your side or stomach
  • Expose scars to the sun without protection
  • Overdo it
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