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Breast Surgery Revision Specialist | New York City, Long Island, Hamptons | Tracy Pfeifer MD

Cosmetic Breast Surgery Revision in New York City

Tracy M. Pfeifer, MD, MS is a fellowship trained, board certified, New York City plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic breast surgery and difficult breast surgery revision cases. Dr. Pfeifer offers a special emphasis on surgery of the breast, with extensive training and experience that has distinguished her within the field. Dr. Pfeifer's specialties include breast augmentationimplant deflation repair, breast asymmetry correction, tubular breast syndrome, and the correction of many common cosmetic breast problems.  

Dr. Pfeifer's philosophy is a commitment to excellence and providing each patient with a warm and personalized focus on their goals.  Through patient education, we help patients make informed choices that are in their best interest.  The ultimate goal is a satisfied patient with an excellent, natural appearing, aesthetic result.  One reason Dr. Pfeifer's patients choose her is because of her dedication to achieving a natural result.  Her motto is "Did she or didn't she?"

Our offices are located on Park Avenue in New York City, in Great Neck on Long Island, and Quogue in the Hamptons. All of our locations are private, peaceful, and designed to provide patients with the highest quality care, from the consultation process through surgery and beyond.

We welcome new patient consultations and strive to maintain an open, friendly atmosphere to facilitate this crucial part of the surgery process. You’ll be able to ask questions and discuss your needs, while Dr. Pfeifer can explain what options are available and what can realistically be achieved through cosmetic surgery.

As a woman plastic surgeon Dr. Tracy Pfeifer delivers a unique perspective to patients of all ages. To schedule an appointment in at any of our New York City area plastic surgery offices, please contact us.



Dr. Tracy Pfeifer with Dr. Manny on Fox News
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